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Taoism Chuang Tzu 《庄子逍遥游》于丹心得

Chuang Tzu (399 - 295 B.C.) has always been an influential Chinese philosopher. His writing is at once transcendental while at the same time being deeply immersed within everyday life.

《 zhuānɡ zi xiāo yáo yóu 》 yú dān xīn dé
《 庄     子 逍   遥  游  》 于 丹  心  得
Taoism Chuang Tzu - Yudan   


He is at peace while at the same time moving through the world. There is a deep vein of mysticism within him which is illuminated by his very rational nature. His style of writing with its parables and conversations both accessible while at the same time pointing to deeper issues.

Chuang Tzu believed that life is transitory and that the pursuit of wealth and personal aggrandizement were vain follies, which distracted from seeing and understanding the world and contemplating its meaning. He strove to see nature with new eyes

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