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Our Online Mandarin Chinese School

Established in 2009,with dozens of experienced native speaking Chinese teachers,our school has the most flexible solutions for foreigners to learn Mandarin Chinese easily and effectively.

We've helped hundreds of students,worldwide,including:learn mandarin chinese at mandarinchineseschool.com

  • 5-9 year old Children.
  • 10-17 year old teens.
  • People who are planing to travel to China.
  • Foreign businessmen and women,living and working in China.
  • People who are interested in Chinese Culture.
  • College students intending to learn Chinese as a second language.

Our patient teachers

Our teachers have gained the approval and respect of many students by using modern teaching techniques such as:

  • Providing illustrations,helping learners to understand the phrases,getting to know their proper usage,and enabling them to expand their vocabularies.
  • Make sentences together with stduents,and doing role playing,thereby promoting interactive student-teacher communication.
  • We are always encouraging our students to ask questions.

Some of Our Recommended Teachers and New Staff



Name :Joanna Lee
From :Lingnan Normal University.
Degree:Bachelor Degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language.
Experience:Hi! this is Joanna.I used to be a Human Resource Officer in an international company.I am willing to share my work’s experiences with you.I believe that you will find it interesting and useful.I have experienced teaching children, teenagers, adults having elementary and intermediate Chinese levels. My teaching contents are mainly about HSK, Basic Chinese, Daily Chinese and Business Chinese. I’m helping students to achieve good marks in their examinations. I find teaching a rewarding job when my students tell me that they enjoy my classes and they improve their skills. My goals are to help students achieving their goals while having fun in the classes.


Name :Queenie Dai
From :Shenyang Normal University.
Degree:Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language.
Experience: More than 4years teaching experience. Including 2years in private international schools in Thailand and Indonesia. Students online are most from USA ,South Africa,Austrilia and so on. Age from 10 to more than 70. I love painting,traveling and traditional Chinese chess-Go ,I am not only your tutor, I am your Chinese friend ,Welcome to join me !Can’t wait to talk with you in Chinese!

Janny Yuan

Name: Janny Yuan
FromBeijing Normal University 北京师范大学
Degree: Master's Degree in Preschool Education


I tutored some foreign kids to help them learning Mandarin when I was still in School in Beijing.I am an easy-going girl,patient and responsible with good manners.I love kids,I feel I can always be easy to get along with them.I was very happy when they learned any words from me every time.I've taught kids Mandarin for 4 years.I hope I can help more kids with their Mandarin learning.


James Wang

Name: James Wang
From: Beijing Language and Culture University 北京语言文化大学
Degree: Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese as second Language

Experience:As a Chinese teacher in Mandarin Chinese School, I have taught spoken Chinese and listening Chinese and so on.I had teaching foreign people Chinese for about 5 years. My students are from UK, Egypt,  US, Canada and so on. I love my job. I love my students, we are good friends!


Jimmy TangName: Jimmy Tang
FromPeking University 北京大学
Degree: Master's Degree
Major: Literary Theory based in Chinese Literature and Language Study Department


I was majoring in Literary Theory based in Chinese Literature and Language Study Department. I have two years Chinese teaching experience in both Fu dan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I taught writing, listening and speaking. I had passed the National Advanced Chinese Language Teaching Skill Test.


Shaye XuName: Shaye Xu
FromHunan University 湖南大学
Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Business English


When I was a sophomore in college, I worked as a foreign language teaching assistant. Since I graduated, I have been teaching for 3 years - and have had much experience in  teaching Chinese. I can teach Chinese courses at any level, including correct pronunciation, writing Chinese characters, Chinese grammar, and Chinese culture. My teaching style is interesting, very easy to understand, and very useful.


Angela ZhangName: Angela Zhang
From: University of International Business and Economics 对外经贸大学
Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Business English


I was graduated from University of International Business and Economics, which is one of the best business schools with high English level in China.After graduation,I worked as an sales assistant at a foreign trade company in Shanghai,I know the business work-flow well,For now,I have more than 3 years experience in teaching Business Chinese.


Welcome to our Mandarin Chinese School!

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