Please attention: Please don't send email to cancel or change a lesson time,because it's NOT a effective way,because we have to ask teacher to confirm it when we receive the email,sometimes we might not read the email on time(for example during our midnight) or sometimes it takes some time(teacher is giving a class) to wait for teachers' response,so the effective way we think is that students can discuss the lessons time with their teachers or cancel a lesson by simply sending a message in classin/our online classroom, and teachers can response here directly to students,after student and teacher BOTH agree with a change,teacher will tell headteacher to edit the schedule/cancel a class.)

If you have to postpone an appointment or change the lesson time, we ask that you please do the following:

Simply leave your teacher a message on our online classroom app/classin(you can install app on your phone,so that you can receive messages on time): 12 hours in advance if your lesson starts in early morning in China - or at least 4 hours in advance if you cannot do the lesson or need to change the lesson time on that day. If you do NOT do this, we will count it as a valid lesson and charge you for the lesson. Likewise, if there is some reason that we cannot do the lesson, we will send you an email and teacher will also leave you a messge on classin/our online classrom to inform you - 12 hours in advance if your lesson starts in early morning in your area-  or at least 4 hours before the lesson. If we keep you waiting during the whole lesson, we will give you 1 additional lesson at no charge.

If you would like a temporary pause in your lessons:

If you are away for any reason, and you would like to suspend your lessons, please inform us ahead of time. To temporarily suspend your lessons, simply leave a message on our online classroom app/classin to inform us. Also, please leave us the message 1 day before you wish to continue your lessons.

Valid Date:
The valid date for each package of 10 lessons is 1 years,after one year,it will be expired.
The valid date for each package of 20 lessons is 1.5 years,after one year and a half,it will be expired.

The valid date for each package of 50 lessons is 2.5 years,after two years and a half,it will be expired.
The valid date for each package of 100 lessons is 5 years,after five years,it will be expired.



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