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Chinese Grammar-The Nominalization Function of 所suǒ

所suǒ can be used as a grammatical particle before a verb to form a noun phrase(i.e. to nominalize the verb).

1. 所suǒ + (monosyllabic) Verb

This kind of usage is usually in idiomatic phrases,with a strong literary flavor.Although there is no object after the verb,it is understood from the context,the same as the nominalized “…的” phrase.For example:

1) jù wǒ suǒ zhī
1) 据 我 所   知  

= ɡēn jù wǒ ( suǒ ) zhī dào de
= 根  据  我  ( 所  )  知  道  的
According to what I know

2. 所suǒ + Verb + 的 + (noun)

In this structure,所suǒ Verb 的 is used as a relative clause to modify the noun that follows it.If the noun is not stated,it is understood from the context.For example:

1) zhè jiù shì wǒ suǒ yào zhuī qiú de 。
1) 这  就  是   我 所    要   追    求  的 。
This is what I am seeking.

3. 有所suǒ + (disyllabic) Verb

有所suǒ is an adverbial to the verb,meaning “to some extent,somewhat.”

1) wǒ xǐ huɑn zài shì yè shànɡ
1) 我 喜 欢     在  事  业 上

yǒu suǒ zuò wéi de nán zǐ hàn 。
有    所   作   为   的 男   子 汉  。
I like men who have accomplished much in their careers.


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