Online Chinese Lessons Textbook:Elementary Spoken Chinese 2

初级汉语口语第二版 Elementary Spoken Chinese 2

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Now in a new edition with an updated look and format, the re-launched series consists of three volumes made up of 63 lessons, with accompanying CDs. Every volume – Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced – is designed to suit students at different levels, and each meets the needs of 180 teaching hours.This two-volume set of textbooks is aimed at beginning students who want to master the basic elements of spoken Chinese. With standardized language, the vocabulary is mainly selected from the first-degree words in the Syllabus of Chinese Words and Characters. These books emphasize sentences and their uses rather than words and their meanings, and aim to train students to express themselves by combining sentences to make paragraphs as soon as they begin learning the common sentence patterns and simple dialogues. The topics are designed to be interesting to foreign students. Vocabulary index, Classifier and English translation of text from exercises give students the opportunity to practice basic spoken Chinese in hypothetical social situations.


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