Regular Chinese

learn mandarin chineseRegular Chinese Courses are designed for adults. In this course, you will receive systematic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing from our native-speaking professional teachers.

Levels of Instruction

We offers six levels of instruction from beginners to advanced.

On your first day of class, you take an in-depth level placement test. chinese levels

  • mandarinchineseschool_com_chinese_level1Beginner

Has little or no knowledge of the Chinese language and knows only a few basic words and phrases. Can't understand the spoken language at all.

  • mandarinchineseschool_com_chinese_level2Elementary

Can communicate using very simple phrases. Has limited vocabulary and understands a little conversational language.

  • mandarinchineseschool_com_chinese_level3Lower Intermediate

Can take part in a variety of conversational subjects using basic structures and vocabulary with acceptable accuracy. Can understand most conversation when conducted slowly and clearly.

  • images/articlepics/mandarinchineseschool_com_chinese_level4.gifIntermediate

Has better control of structures and a practical and useful vocabulary. Errors are still frequent. Demonstrates a good understanding of the language and abilities to get the gist of rapid speech.

  • images/articlepics/mandarinchineseschool_com_chinese_level5Upper Intermediate

Wide range of structures used with fair degree of accuracy. Some typical errors still prevailing. Good overall comprehension and wide vocabulary.

  • mandarinchineseschool_com_chinese_level6Advanced

Communicates very well using most structures accurately. Can talk about a wide range of topics using appropriate vocabulary and using some idiomatic language.